Thanksgiving is a time for us to show gratitude for our friends, families, and the good fortune in our lives; for Village Super Market, it’s a time for us to show you how grateful we are for your skill, courage, and incredible dedication to keeping our communities nourished and safe.

Throughout 2020, Village Associates have proven time and time again that they are committed to serving our towns and cities. Your hard work and dedication brought a sense of normalcy in uncertain times. Make no mistake — you are the very definition of “essential”, providing critical services in a time of great need!

The Sumas Family created a video so they could express their gratitude and pride for the everyday heroes we call our “Village Family”.



We wish you a safe, happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Eat well, be happy, and stay safe!

Why get the kids involved?

Knowing how to involve children in mealtimes is important- not only to avoid unwanted messy situations but also because it provides important life skill development.



You may not have had the best experience in the past with letting your child help with dinner. Perhaps you let 3-year old Luke crack an egg- only to create more work for yourself as you’re cleaning it off the floor- and his face. Knowing what ways to include a child according to their age group and abilities can help prevent these messy accidents while teaching valuable skills. Bonus: Research shows letting children help with meals may help to reduce picky eating!


5 Mess-Free Options to Get Started


Most children 2-3 years old and up are capable of the five options below. Start here and build on these skills as the child gets older and more capable:


  1. Herbs: Have the child help pick herbs off the stem and break them into smaller pieces. For example homemade guacamole – they can help with the cilantro!


  1. Lettuce: They can help dry the lettuce with paper towels and use their fingers to shred it for a salad.


  1. Potatoes/ Avocados: A young child can scoop the flesh of a cooked potato or avocado out of the skin. They can also mash it, but be careful with mashing. If your child is still developing their motor skills, the mashing may get aggressive. A large, deep bowl might help prevent potato pieces from escaping. It’s a great teaching moment to show the child how to hold a bowl while mashing so it doesn’t slip away!


  1. Stirring/Mixing: Children LOVE to stir things. They love to watch the ingredients get mixed together and feel like they have an important job when asked to stir things. For example, a pasta salad, pancake batter, or muffin mix. Just caution with letting young children stir things that may be tough or dry- if it’s too hard to stir, they will get frustrated and food may go flying.


  1. Lemons/Limes: Have them “roll” lemons and limes on the table or counter to release the juice for any recipes using lemon or lime juice. Their goal is to make it easier to get the juice out once the fruit is cut open. Let them decide when the lemon or lime is ready to juice- and then let them watch the juices escape when it’s cut it in half!


Ready to give it a try?


Pick one of the methods above to try first and a recipe that it would work with.


Need more advice for getting your kids in the kitchen?  Email our dietitian team at to get more information or book a consultation with one of our dietitians.


Each year, we host an awards luncheon to celebrate our stand-out Associates who show passion for their work, dedication to our customers and fellow team members, and live by our core values. This year, we opted to have in-store VSMAs on August 6th – 7th and announce our nominees and award recipients to the whole company through a video.

We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to celebrate our remarkable Associates — especially so in 2020, where essential workers like you became the heroes our communities needed. Please join us in congratulating these outstanding performers!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything you do for us — you make Village Super Market, Inc. a great place to work and shop each and every day.




Despite 2020 being such an eventful year, let’s not forget that it’s still a shining milestone in the lives of some of our young Associates and their families. It’s the second year of our newly expanded Nick & Perry Sumas Scholarship Fund, and we’re proud to award 22 bright individuals with a $1,000 grant toward their higher education!

Thank you to all the Store Teams who pushed hard to inform our team members of this opportunity. We couldn’t be more proud to contribute to the success of our extended Village family and we look forward to providing more opportunities to next year’s applicants in the Spring of 2021!


Our young adults have faced a lot this year, as 2020 is a year for the history books. They’ve braved a novel global pandemic as well as unrest over long-standing societal issues in our country. The world will remember 2020 for its trials, but for our grads, it also marks the next step of their journey. They may have their traditional school ceremonies disrupted by the pandemic, but they deserve to be recognized for their achievements just as students from any other year would be — which is why we wanted to do something extra this year to recognize our graduates!

On Friday, 6/12, each store had its own customized ceremonial weekend:

  • Our grads were encouraged to wear their caps and gowns (with everyone else welcome to wear their school shirts or colors)
  • Each graduate received a celebratory “diploma” and a voucher for a small cake from our bakery department
  • Each store had their grads’ names read aloud on Village Radio with “Pomp & Circumstance” playing for that traditional graduation feel

The Sumas Family wanted to show their heartfelt appreciation for our students who faced unique challenges this year, so they created a video just for them:

Our Village family couldn’t be more proud of the work that these essential heroes have done for their family, friends, and neighbors throughout the past several months, and they deserved to be honored as they take their next steps into adulthood. We’re happy to do what we can to show these grads how we feel about them!


As we return to our “new” normal and celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, we’re reminded that our families are the most important of all during these uncertain times. Village is so proud of the dads who serve as essential grocery workers supporting our communities, and we’re providing a free donut this Saturday and Sunday to all our dads as a special treat. Additionally, all dads working on Sunday, 6/21 will receive a $10 gift card from the Sumas family as a show of thanks for taking the time to work on your special day!

We’ve asked you to submit photos for our video collage and you delivered in spades… Please take a moment to watch this message from Perry Blatt:

This weekend, we should think not only about our own families, but also of those in our towns and cities; the best way to show consideration is by practicing the safety guidelines recommended by the CDC when we’re out and about:

  • Wash your hands often
  • Maintain six feet of social distance whenever possible
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a face covering when around others
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces
  • Monitor yourself for symptoms and take action

As essential workers, you are all experts in your community about COVID safety and you should take it upon yourself to be diligent with these measures and teach others. You can find additional CDC recommendations here to learn about strategies for protecting yourself when you leave your house.

Thank you everyone, and enjoy a wonderful Father’s Day!

Nick and Perry Sumas founded Village Super Market, Inc. in 1937. They were brothers and Greek immigrants who came to the United States in search of the “American Dream.” Neither had a formal education, but they both believed that with diligence and determination came opportunities that could only be found in this country. They cared deeply about their associates. They were proud that they were able to provide steady work for so many people, and an opportunity for the next generation to obtain a formal education as a result. In honor of these two men, the following generations of the Sumas family want to expand the opportunity for scholarship funds to more people across the company. This year we will be awarding thirty-four, $1,000 scholarships for undergraduate education. There will be one scholarship recipient from each store plus one from our corporate office and all recipients must reapply each year. 


Eligibility Requirements

  • Current full or part-time employees (union or non-union) OR children or grandchildren of current employees of Village Super Market who have been employed for at least six months at the time of application.
  • High school seniors entering college next year or current college students.
  • 3.0 GPA


The scholarship may be used at any accredited college, university or

 professional school in the United States.


How To Apply

  • Email a completed Nick & Perry Sumas Scholarship application, including a 500 word or less essay, along with your transcripts to
  • Please put “Last Name, First Name: Scholarship Application 2020” in the Subject line.
  • All applications are due by June 8th, 2020.


Selection of Winners

  • A Village Super Market selection committee will meet in June 2020 to select the thirty-four scholarship recipients.
  • In evaluating the applicants, the committee considers the applicants’ grades, a written essay, and financial need.
  • Students must be in good standing and free from disciplinary actions.
  • All applicants are notified of the results by June 22, 2020.


The recipient will be notified by June 22nd and awarded the scholarship

by July 22, 2020.


Click below to view and download the application; for additional information about the program please contact


Download the Application Form


In these uncertain times, we’re reminded that our families are the most important of all. You may not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day the same way this year as you have in the past, but Village is dedicated to showing our appreciation for all of the moms who serve as essential grocery workers supporting our communities and help make Village the company that it is today.


This Saturday and Sunday, we’ve provided free muffins for mom — a sweet treat to show our gratitude. Additionally, all moms who work on Sunday, 5/10 will receive a $10 gift card as a show of thanks for taking the time to work on your special day. 


We’ve also asked Village mothers to submit photos with their kids, grandkids, pets, or with their mothers or mother figures in their lives… and we’ve created a video to celebrate you all!